Merijane musing: The city dog and the country pup


I’IMG_20131009_162815ve lived in Maine all my life, in Penobscot County, to be exact. I grew up in Old Town, lived most of my adult life in the heart of Bangor, and recently got married and moved out to Glenburn, in a quiet country setting. In Bangor, you can look out the window and see people walking by. If I look out my kitchen window now, the only foot traffic is a flock of skittish turkeys.

 When I got my dog, Benny, it was over a decade ago. He spent his dog life as a “city boy,” enjoying trips to the Brown Woods on Outer Ohio Street, adventures in the City Forest on Stillwater Avenue, enjoying drive-thru treats on our frequent Coffee Express stops. I still laugh when I think of the time I was walking him down by the stables, behind the old auditorium on Main Street. As we circled down around Paul Bunyan, Benny looked up at the ax-weilding giant, started barking and crouching down in fear. I had to laugh. Can you imagine being him? Out for a morning walk and you run into a huge lumberjack? Oh, Benny.

Fast forward to this past Christmas. My husband surprised me with an adorable puppy! So fun…except, of course, house-training a pup in this bitter cold winter hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park, no pun intended.
IMG_20140203_164945Bella, my sweet country pup, living the country life of no leash, sniffing deer tracks, chasing blowing leaves, tromping through fresh snow with no one around. She enjoys the flipside of being a dog in Maine, the country life. When things thaw out, I’ll introduce her to the Brown Woods, the new dog park off Essex Street, and other such city-sniffing escapades. But for now, she’s enjoying the quiet side of life.