merijane musing: The problem we all live with



A salty Maine chick’s musings on life’s joys, heartbreaks and curveballs.

By Merijane Bureau

Six-year-old Ruby Bridges is depicted in Norman Rockwell’s 1964 painting on her way into school, surrounded by U.S. Marshalls, being taunted and “bullied” by a gang of angry moms known as “The Cheerleaders.” They hurled insults and tomatoes at Ruby, an innocent child, because she was different, and it scared them. As shocking as that is to us, we still do that today.

We hurl insults at people who are different from us, because sometimes we fear what we don’t understand. Ruby didn’t choose to be an icon of the Civil Rights Movement in the ’60’s. But God chose┬áher to be. Ruby is the one that chose to let her experiences make her better, not bitter.

Maybe you are being bullied at school, or going through something very difficult. It isn’t a fluke. It’s God handing you the training for a promotion. You are being used for a higher purpose. He doesn’t pick woosy cats for tough jobs. So take your rough road as a compliment; be flattered God chose you for a greater good. Let Ruby’s brave walk to school inspire you to walk your path with your workboots on, blazing your own unique and beautiful trail. “The world won’t be destroyed by the bad people. It will be destroyed by the good people who stand by silently and do nothing to stop it.”