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Old Town High School announces Class of 2021 honors students

OLD TOWN, Maine — Old Town High School has announced the honors graduates for the Class of 2021. The class will graduate on June 11.

Graduating with Highest Honors are: Cathryn Archer, daughter of Michael and Jessica Archer; Keely Becker, daughter of Chris and Jenny Becker; Micah Betters, son of Wade and Laura Betters; Nathan Bickford, son of Jason and Amy Bickford; Justin Bishop, son of Howard and Laurie Bishop; Layla Blackie, daughter of Jacob and Bernice Blackie, and Jessica Jones-Bowes and Jeff Bowes; Kacia Bouchard, daughter of Andrea Bouchard; Sophie Charles, daughter of Erik and Joanna Charles; Payton Cody, daughter of Robert and Theresa Cody; Samantha Cousins, daughter of Kathy Commeau and Mike Cousins; Mercedes Creighton, daughter of Alex and Celeste Creighton; Casey Downs, son of Joseph and Samantha Downs; Garrett Engstrom, son of Brian and Laura Engstrom; Tanner Evans, son of Jim and Betsy Evans.

Also Kyle Feero, son of Keith and Kristina Feero; Colby Folsom, son of Jason and Brandi Folsom; Reagan Glidden, daughter of Stacy and Michelle Glidden; Makenzie Gomm, daughter of Andrew and Jodi Gomm; Ciyenna Hall, daughter of Chris Hall and Julie Wisniske; Anthony Harrington, son of Jon and Kathy Harrington; Cassie Harris, daughter of Steve and Lisa Harris; Jamey Hatley, sister of Joshua and Amanda Hatley ; Nicholas Higgins, son of Christopher and Alesia Higgins; Haidee Hodsdon, daughter of Fred Hodsdon and Hannah Hodsdon-Way; Kailee Kimball, daughter of Troy Kimball and Melanie Kimball; Madison King, daughter of Kevin King and Wendy Regan; Roy Koneff, son of Mark and Karen Koneff.

Also Jack Larsen, son of David and Corina Larsen; Sidney Leavitt, son of James and Roberta Leavitt; Miranda LeClair, daughter of John and Melissa LeClair; Lacey Lucas, daughter of Tony and Erika McPherson; Mya McCray, daughter of Heather McCray; Aaron McKenney, son of Jon and Candace McKenney; Delani Mclaughlin, daughter of Alden and Sandi Mclaughlin; Eliza McPhee, daughter of Kathi Gerry; Olivia Merenberg, daughter of Nicole and Chris Hill, and Steven and Melissa Merenberg; Kiran Morrill, daughter of Holly and Mark White; Lauren Morrill, daughter of Holly and Mark White; Amanda Oertell, daughter of Dan and Janeen Oertell.

Also Mallie O’Meara, daughter of Colin and Michelle O’Meara; Isabella Pare, daughter of James and Vikky Paré; Taehun Park, son of Kisurk Park and Minjeong Bae; Ethan Pushor, son of Chris Pushor, Amy Reed Pushor, and Richard Asselin; Madyson Redding, daughter of Matthew and Jamie Redding; Nathan Regan, son of Argo Regan and Betsy Shields; Hannah Richards, daughter of Jason Richards and Heather Richards; Abbie Roy, daughter of Travis and Tina Roy; Hannah Sirois, daughter of Kevin and Kristy Sirois.

Also Meghan Small, daughter of Jeff and Julie Small; Mia Smith, daughter of Billie Jo Theriault and Josh Smith; Natalie Storman, daughter of Amanda Reid and Kirk Storman ; Noel Stormann, daughter of Sharon and Joseph Ackley, and Leslie and Stacy Stormann; Nicholas Sullivan, son of Tony and Jill Storman; Taylor Sullivan, daughter of Tony and Jill Sullivan; Elizabeth Thibeault, daughter of Gary and Katie Thibeault; Duane Tibbetts, son of Andrea Tibbetts; Izabelle Trefts, daughter of Dawn Murray and Jay Trefts; Dakota Webster, daughter of Travis and Rachel Webster. 

Graduating with High Honors are: Cameron Avery, son of Michael and Melissa Avery; Samuel Brown, son of Shawn and Kelly Brown; Aaliyah Copeland, daughter of Bernadette Copeland and Matthew Brooks, Sr.; Karina Hannon, daughter of Larry and Kathy Hannon; Seth Haverlock, son of Michael Haverlock and Barbara Lilly; Lexus Marsh, daughter of Randy and Sarah Marsh; Jason Parsons, son of Robert and Reba Parsons; Matthew Preble, son of David and Sherry Preble; Austin Proudfoot, grandson of Terry and Cristol Wickett; Devan Rand, son of Carrie Rand and Chris Rand; Canyon Smith, son of Boyd and Julie Smith; Riley Tibbits, son of James and Tiffany Tibbits; Tiffany Yanush, daughter of Chuck and Jeanette Yanush.

Graduating with Honors are: Tiffany Anthony, daughter of Angela Anthony; Hunter Barnes, son of Greg and Michele Barnes; Emily Barnett, daughter of Rebecca Doughty and Derrick Barnett; Jeremiah-David Boyce, son of Jeremy and Jessica Boyce; Jacob Corson, son of Dan Cronk; William Countryman Jr., son of William Countryman Sr.; Rylee Demers, daughter of Stephanie Demers and Wayne Clark; Jacob Doucette, son of Mark and Tonya Doucette; Genesis Edwards, daughter of Jacqueline Edwards and Ronald Rhodes; Colby Frenette, son of Tony and Sally Frenette; Bradley Frizzell, son of Kristie Hexter and Ryan Frizzell; William Grange, son of Shannon and Marija Grange.

Also Eliza Gurney, daughter of Shawn and Yongaa Gurney; Andrew Haas, son of Chris and Jennifer Haas; Miyah Hall, daughter of Rose Hall; Douglas Hill, son of Doug and Torey Hill; Sierra Holmes, daughter of Tina Clavette; Shawn Hoogterp, son of Brett Hoogterp and Caroline Vickers; Caden Jackson, son of Mike Jackson and Rebecca Jackson; Joseph LaBelle, Jr., son of Joseph LaBelle, Sr. and Corie LaBelle; Ethan LeClair, son of Andy and Selena LeClair; Hailey LeClair, daughter of Bobbiejo Souppa and Andrew LeClair, Jr.; Autumn Levasseur, daughter of Angel King and Bryce LeVasseur; Colin Madden, son of Chris and Kassidy Madden.

Also Lacy Mayo, daughter of Kimberly Mayo; Alexis Newton, daughter of Randy and Jessica Newton, and Georgie Parent; Michael Pelkey, son of Tina Michaels; Donté Rackliff, son of Jason and Danielle Rackliff; John Reinzo, son of Joseph and Melissa Reinzo; Mackenzie Saucier, daughter of Jay and Kate Saucier; Matthew Seymour, son of Paul and Melanie Seymour; Donovan Sharp, son of Andrew and Janet Sharp; Alexis Shaw, daughter of Jon and Angel Shaw; Lily Shaw-Davis, daughter of Richard Shaw and Sherry Boyorak; Kade Snyder, son of Lori Snyder and Nathan Snyder; Devin Soule, son of Donald Soule, and Laurie and Tim Andrews; Garrett Stoup, son of Eric and Carrie Stoup; Wyatt Thomas, son of Dwayne and Lisa Thomas; Cody Willette, son of Kim Ehman and Jeff Willette.

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